Let’s make Wisconsin better for every Citizen
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No One Is Above The Law

Before democratic constitutions, monarchs and rulers often stood beyond the reach of their proclamations, but the U.S. Constitution changed that narrative. It was crafted with a clear message: it distrusts absolute power. Whether you're an average citizen or the President, the Constitution ensures everyone is accountable to its principles, cementing the belief that everyone is subject to the rule of law without exception.

I Believe In Community

Human beings are naturally social creatures. The power of collaboration magnifies our strengths. Just as one person holds a stake while another drives it into the ground, communities work together for the collective good. With communal resources like parks or sewage systems, the emphasis is clear – united efforts lead to better lives for all.

I Believe In The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule embodies personal responsibility. While the Constitution outlines the structure for societal order, this timeless principle focuses on self-discipline. By holding ourselves accountable and treating others as we'd like to be treated, we inherently minimize conflicts, ensuring a harmonious society.

I Believe Government Should Protect Our Property

Protection of personal property isn't just about materialistic values; it's about upholding individual rights and societal harmony. While the Golden Rule teaches self-discipline, we also need law enforcement as a deterrent against those who harm or exploit others. Every individual, regardless of their possessions' value, deserves the security that their property won't be unjustly taken from them.

I Believe Government Should Protect The Weak

Protection doesn't mean patronization. Everyone has moments of vulnerability, and it's the role of a compassionate society to ensure those moments don't become opportunities for exploitation. True strength isn't in brute force but in unity and mutual support. "E Pluribus Unum," meaning Out of Many One, encapsulates this, emphasizing that actual progress ensures no one is left in the cold.

I Believe Government Should Protect The Earth

Our relationship with the Earth is symbiotic. Long gone are the days when resources felt boundless. Today, with irrefutable evidence of human-induced environmental changes, our duty is not just to ourselves but to future generations. Acknowledging the wisdom of indigenous cultures, who've long recognized the planet as a nurturing "Mother Earth," we must pivot towards sustainable practices that ensure Earth remains a sanctuary for life.

I Believe That As We Walk Through Life, We Should Walk Softly

Life is transient, but our impact doesn't have to be. Walking softly encapsulates a philosophy of minimal harm and maximal respect. Whether it's in our interactions with fellow humans or our consumption of resources, every step should be taken with mindfulness. Our legacy should not be of dominance but of stewardship, ensuring that the world we leave behind flourishes for countless generations to come.