About Richard

Richard Pulcher is a retired union member, and former union steward with Teamsters Local 662. For nearly 20 years, Richard worked at the Clark County Health Care Center to provide critical healthcare services to those in need. In retirement, Richard has been active in politics and currently serves as the Taylor County Democratic Chair. Outside of politics, Richard is active in St. John’s Lutheran church, and is a delivery driver for Meals on Wheels for the Taylor County Commission on Aging.


Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, and many more!

Why He's Running

Richard is running for the State Senate to bring a different voice to Madison. He’s ready to stand up for working families in central Wisconsin by championing public schools, higher wages, and accessible healthcare. Richard knows for too long in Wisconsin, we’ve favored big businesses and deep pocketed donors over everyday citizens. While traveling the district, Richard will be listening to the needs of voters to empower their voices and bring attention to their needs.


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