Let’s make Wisconsin better for every Citizen
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Candidate for 68th Assembly District

My name is Richard Pulcher and I'm running for the 68th Assembly District on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 2024.

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Guiding Principles & Values

I operate with three foundational values: Transparency, Simple Truth, and Attention to Detail. I am committed to fostering trust through clear, open actions, communicating candidly without political jargon, and meticulously crafting policies that consider relevant detail. These principles aren’t mere words; they represent my genuine pledge to serve my community effectively.


I believe in an open and honest dialogue, ensuring that every action taken is visible and accountable to the public. For me, governance should be an open book, fostering trust and collaboration.

Attention to Detail

My commitment goes beyond broad strokes. I delve into the nitty-gritty, ensuring that every policy, every plan, is meticulously crafted to serve the best interests of the community. It's not just about the bigger picture; the finer points matter just as much.

Simple Truth

In an age of misinformation, I stand firmly by the principle of straightforward honesty. I value clear communication, free from political jargon, ensuring that every citizen understands what I'm communicating and feels heard.


A Focus on the Constitution

With these principles, our movement aims to create a society where the Constitution is both a revered document and a living testament to the evolving needs and rights of every citizen.

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Rights & Protections

Law enforcement protects you.  The Constitution gives you rights, including free speech, freedom of religion, the right to own a firearm.   You can vote.  You can run for office.  You can serve in any elected office.

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The Constitution Today

When the Constitution was written the ability to change it was included.  There have been 27 changes to the Constitution over the years.  These changes are called amendments.

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Open Government

All sessions of Congress are open sessions.  All proceedings of Congress are recorded and are preserved in public records.  Anyone can access and study them.  All sessions of State and local government are open, too.

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You Can Participate

You can vote.  You can run for office.  You can join a political party.  Political parties are organizations of people who care how the nation or state is run.  Or you can let someone else run the country.  The choice is yours.

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Our Government Changes

The Constitution was written when horses were the main mode of transportation.  Slavery was legal.  Indians were called indians.  Women didn’t have the right to vote.   These have changed and our Constitution is still is relevant.

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What's Next

The short answer, I really don’t know.  Until January 6, 2022, the peaceful Constitutional transfer of the power of the Presidency was never challenged.  But I believe our Constitution  will endure for quite some time.

Our Campaign's Values

Our campaign is grounded in five pivotal values that define who we are and what we aim to achieve. We're seeking passionate volunteers who not only understand these values but live them.


Integrity & Respect

All interactions, whether with fellow volunteers, campaign staff, or the public, should be guided by honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. Volunteers must ensure they represent the movement with authenticity and honor its intentions.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We recognize and value the strength in diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Every volunteer should be committed to fostering an inclusive environment, where all voices are heard and valued, free from discrimination.

Education & Empowerment

Embrace the responsibility to educate oneself and others about the movement's principles and the broader societal context. Volunteers should be dedicated to not just sharing knowledge, but also to empowering others to take informed actions.

Championing Voting Rights

Stand firmly behind the fundamental principle that every eligible citizen should have an unobstructed right to vote. Volunteers must be committed to promoting voting accessibility, fighting against voter suppression, and ensuring that the electoral process is fair, transparent, and representative of the people's will.

Collaboration & Dialogue

Approach all tasks with a collaborative spirit, valuing the input of others and striving for collective success. Open dialogue is key; volunteers should be willing to engage in constructive conversations, even when faced with dissenting opinions, and seek common ground.

Where I Stand

Politics, especially at the local level, is deeply personal and intertwined with our daily lives. These are my thoughts on seeking understanding, fostering collaboration, and shaping a brighter future for our community.