Let’s make Wisconsin better for every Citizen
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Why donate to my campaign?

 1.  Republican Legislature wants to enforce the 1849 Abortion Ban.       
2.  Republicans hope to gain a veto proof majority in the 2024 election.

The core issue of our time is the amount of unlimited corporate money spent on elections.  This became a real problem when the Supreme Court handed down the ‘Citizens United’ decision giving corporations the same right of free speech as human beings.

This decision also ruled that money is speech. This allowed shell corporation s to spend unlimited money in elections.  

Local units of government can make a statement on this by passing a resolution to amend the Constitution.  The best way to promote my candidacy is to have me make a presentation to your local unit of government about ‘United To Amend.'

Since shell corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money, I cannot expect to out raise them or outspend them during my campaign.  Donating time and expertise is as important as donating money.  Canvassing and traveling to events involves gas and food while doing it.  Newspaper and radio ads are not free.  Neither are yard signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, or mailings.  

What is United to Amend?

I can assist your local unit of government in passing the ‘United To Amend’ resolution.  The resolution consists of two parts:

  • That only human beings are entitled to the right of free speech in the First Amendment.
  • Money is not speech and can be regulated.

The reason for local units of government passing the resolutions is that state and national candidates are dependent on the large corporate contributions.  If enough local units of government pass the resolution, State Governments and the National Government will need to do something.  Already local governments representing more than 60% of the people in Wisconsin have passed the resolution.

How to Contact Me

I can be reached by telephone, (715) 965-0925, or by email at pulcherrichard@yahoo.com.

Making a Donation

Pay Online
You can donate money to my campaign online through my page on ActBlue, a website dedicated to Democratic candidates.  

Pay Via Check
Send a check to:
Richard Pulcher Assembly Campaign
Richard Pulcher Campaign  
W13276 South Street  
Lublin, WI  54447

Please include the following information for which I will need to report to the WI Ethics Commission:  

  • Your first and last name 
  • The address where you live, not a PO Box#
  • The Amount of the Donation

For all donations over $200 your occupation will be required, The maximum amount you can donate is $1,000.00 during this election cycle:

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