Let’s make Wisconsin better for every Citizen
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BA of Economics | Augustana College
Certified as Firefighter, First Responder, EMT Basic Training & Refreshers | Chippewa Valley Technical College
Currently Attending | Lay School of Ministry

Work History

Union Steward | 19 years
Working with Delinquent & Disabled Children | 3 years
Lublin Wastewater Treatment Plant | 15 years
Volunteer Firefighter | 20 years
First Responder | 12 years
EMT Basic
| 7 years

A Bit About Me

I’m Richard Pulcher, a dedicated servant to our community, driven not by titles or accolades, but by a profound desire to make a positive impact. Each experience in my life, professional or otherwise, has been a stepping stone towards understanding and serving our community better.

What I Believe

Here, you will find a list of my fundamental beliefs – principles that guide every decision, policy, and action I undertake. These beliefs are not just ideals; they are the pillars of my commitment to serving our community with integrity, compassion, and unwavering dedication.

  • I believe in the rule of law.
  • I believe in "We the People."
  • I believe no one is above the law
  • I believe in community.
  • I believe in the "Golden Rule."
  • I believe government should protect our property.
  • I believe government should protect the weak.
  • I believe in protecting the earth's abundance.
  • I believe that as we walk through life, we should walk softly.

A Journey of Service and Learning

My education began with a BA in Economics from Augustana College, where the complex, interconnected world of societal resources and needs first caught my attention. The insights and knowledge gained there became my first tools in service. Currently, I’m enriching my understanding of community and spirituality at the Lay School of Ministry - a journey that continues to shape my perspective and approach to serving others.

In the Field and Beyond

I spent 19 years as a Union Steward, where every day offered lessons in advocacy, representation, and the intricate dance of rights and responsibilities. Concurrently, my 3 years working with delinquent and disabled children were nothing short of transformative. Those years weren’t just about assisting the children but learning from their resilience, their unspoken stories—each enriching my narrative of service.

My 15 years at Lublin Wastewater Treatment Plant honed my insights into the practical, often unseen aspects of our community’s functionality and wellness. Every process, every mechanism, every outcome was a lesson in the silent symphony that plays in the backdrop of our daily lives.

Answering the Call

With a certification from Chippewa Valley Technical College, I’ve been privileged to serve as a Volunteer Firefighter for 20 years, a First Responder for 12 years, and an EMT Basic for 7 years. Each call answered, each hand extended in service, was a stark reminder of the immediacy of need and the universality of vulnerability. It's a realization that every second counts, and in those pivotal moments, the collective strength of our community becomes palpably real.

Walking with You

This journey isn’t about the positions held or the certifications earned; it's about the lives touched, the stories heard, and the silent pledges of service made in moments of profound human connection. I don’t have all the answers, but I hold an unwavering commitment to seeking them, not in isolation but in communion with you.


Our Campaign's Values

Our campaign is grounded in five pivotal values that define who we are and what we aim to achieve. We're seeking passionate volunteers who not only understand these values but live them.


Integrity & Respect

All interactions, whether with fellow volunteers, campaign staff, or the public, should be guided by honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. Volunteers must ensure they represent the movement with authenticity and honor its intentions.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We recognize and value the strength in diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Every volunteer should be committed to fostering an inclusive environment, where all voices are heard and valued, free from discrimination.

Education & Empowerment

Embrace the responsibility to educate oneself and others about the movement's principles and the broader societal context. Volunteers should be dedicated to not just sharing knowledge, but also to empowering others to take informed actions.

Championing Voting Rights

Stand firmly behind the fundamental principle that every eligible citizen should have an unobstructed right to vote. Volunteers must be committed to promoting voting accessibility, fighting against voter suppression, and ensuring that the electoral process is fair, transparent, and representative of the people's will.

Collaboration & Dialogue

Approach all tasks with a collaborative spirit, valuing the input of others and striving for collective success. Open dialogue is key; volunteers should be willing to engage in constructive conversations, even when faced with dissenting opinions, and seek common ground.

My Mission & Vision

I am dedicated to empowering our community through transparent, compassionate, and innovative leadership, fostering a future where every individual thrives and every voice is valued.

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I envision a community where economic growth is inclusive, offering prosperity and financial security for every citizen.

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I am committed to sustainable development that balances innovation and preservation, creating a eco-sensitive, resilient community for generations to come.

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I aim to transform our educational system into a bastion of opportunity, innovation, and equality where every child is empowered to reach their fullest potential.

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I strive for a socially cohesive community where respect, unity, and mutual support are not ideals but everyday practices that define our way of life.

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I'm dedicated to ensuring accessible, quality healthcare for all, making our community a place where health and well-being are guaranteed, not privileges.

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I am focused on fostering a vibrant business ecosystem marked by innovation, ethical practices, and opportunities for small enterprises to flourish.